North Kordofan


An engineered combination of the public & private sectors to successfully enrich & expand high impact projects, ensuring the rapid development of both the national & regional economy. Catering to local consumption as well as major International markets with the most premium standards. NAFEIR was built on the solid grounds of scientific disciplines, the roots of determination & the relentless thrive towards excellence.

Key Projects

Abu Habil Project

Master agricultural project with cotton as it's prime produce. Located at the Abu Habil canal in Kordofan.

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Abattoir Plant

A transformational development in the classic meat processing market designed to european standards of health & safety.

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Commodity Exchange

A world class exchange that encompasses all major crops, engineered with premium standards & global expertise.

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Oil Seed Complex

An architectural masterpiece of scientific breakthrough in the optimization of the Sudanese globally sought seeds in the leading export markets.

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Poultry Plant

An industry top plant with cutting edge technology & the finest practices of poultry products nationwide.

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UmOndraba Livestock

Addressing the growing concerns related to cattle management, the project is targeting a fresh approach to the industry.

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Our Message

To ensure absolute flexibility across the agricultural & livestock industries as well as their numerous diversified sectors & to break free from the shackles & limitations of the classic ways of old, and take them forth into the realm of modern-day freedom adopting the latest in cutting-edge technological advances across the two industries. While securing maximum throughput & fluid congruence while revolutionizing the community to better manage, protect & preserve better jobs & skill level enhancement, leading to the ultimate advancement of our national workforce & enriching the generations to come with a fully equipped wealth of experience coupled with solid infrastructures to build upon.

NAFEIR Oil Seed Complex
Our Legacy

To adopt the technological revolutionary ecosystems along with the latest in the world of modern-day management styles in order to increase the vertical production streams. As well as the development of integrated value chains for products through the implementation of custom-based manufacturing via strategic partnerships linking them to the international market utilizing the latest in marketing & funding both locally & globally. The establishment of key projects that drive the national economy towards high grounds of international recognition & elite competition throughout the industry leaders.

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